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Project Description
Easy solution for grids on top of ASP.NET MVC

Make grids from your data tables in a really lightweight manner! How lightweight? Well, exactly TWO line changes. You don't have to add new action parameters or anything. Really simple!

What kinds of problems does it solve?
Usually, when you think about making a grid out of your data, a lot of stuff comes to mind
  1. Add parameters to action that serves this grid, like 'pageSize', 'page', 'sortBy' etc.
  2. Write an appropriate html in your view to account for paging, sorting and other stuff
  3. Write javascript and css if you want to give your grid nice look and feel

Even if you are using some third-party component, you still need to do a lot of work per page.

What this project proposes, is abstracting all that boilerplate code, thus minimizing your effort as much as possible.
There are only two things you need to do, to make your data griddable:
  1. Instead of writing "return View(items);" you write "return View(this.Gridify(items, pageSize, pathToView));"
  2. Add "gridify" class to a table you need to render as a grid

What's also important, is that styling of your table stays intact. You don't have to conform to somebody else's idea of design.


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